February 18, 2020

Where do you get medical advice from?

Where do you get medical advice from? Nowadays, there are so many ways to access health information – from your GP, on Facebook and reddit. But now there’s a new player – Tik Tok. This platform is now being used by health care proffesionals in a bid to “combat misinformation” in their area of work. There are advantages to this way of disributing information; it reaches thousands of people at once all across the globe. However, despite the fact that these indivuals are trained proffessionals, we should still be mindful that they may be giving their own personal opinions. There is no dispute that digital platforms can add value to the healthcare system. However, we must insure that only safe and regulated information is relayed to patients. In other words, these videos may be useful for sharing approved information but not condition specific advice.

Our Medsmart® app affords pharmaceutical manufacturers an opportunity to share tailored educational content with their patients. This means that our users only see safe and compliant information that applies to them. After all, surely the most reliable information comes from the people who made the drug in the first place!

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For more information from the BBC: https://bbc.in/2HF5LPL