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Trust and Ethics: Artificial Intelligence+ Framework

July 12, 2023
A visually appealing Venn Diagram showcasing Talking Medicines' comprehensive data science expertise, encapsulating our Artificial Intelligence Plus. The diagram depicts the various tiers, including Machine Learning, Deep Learning, Large Language Models, Neural Networks, and Natural Language Processing, that make up our advanced capabilities in the field of data science.
Artificial Intelligence + framework

As the world’s gold standard provider of patient intelligence for medications with a vision to improve health outcomes for every patient. Talking Medicines holds an exceptional range of capabilities which we “continue to grow by expanding our Artificial Intelligence models and methodologies, combining them with our expertise in medicines, statistical principles, and linguistic understanding of how people, patients, healthcare professional and those connecting with patients, talk online”. All together this combines to make the Talking Medicines’ “Artificial Intelligence +” system, described in this article and shown in the image above.

Whilst Artificial Intelligence and other impressive prevailing technologies offer transformational impact to society, the rise of such powerful systems has brought approaches to these technologies into the limelight. These approaches/frameworks and standards play a major role in ensuring that rights are protected from conception, and technologies are developed and used in a trustworthy and ethical manner.

Continue reading this insightful article to gain a comprehensive understanding of our Artificial Intelligence + framework that drives positive healthcare outcomes through Talking Medicines while upholding ethical considerations.

Why do we need a framework?

Our vision is to improve health outcomes for every patient. In order to do this, Talking Medicines are at the cutting edge of Artificial Intelligence+. At the cutting edge, there are unknowns. To address these unknowns, we require a solid trust, safety, and ethical foundation to scale from. The use of an Artificial Intelligence+ framework to make the “right” decisions both ethically and commercially, is crucial. We are strongly committed to maintaining the highest standards in ethics, compliance, and governance throughout our operations and output, ensuring that our AI-driven solutions not only deliver valuable insights, but also foster trust and promote responsible practices.

Talking Medicines also recognize the industries that we straddle: data and healthcare. Both garner immense responsibilities that we wholly embrace, and an Artificial Intelligence+ framework further demonstrates our commitment to addressing these responsibilities.

The Talking Medicines Artificial Intelligence+ Framework

This framework will overarch decisions from design > development > deployment with robust ethical, and trustworthy standards at the epicenter. It is important to highlight that this approach will have to iterate in parallel (and hopefully with time, ahead of the curve) to the growth of technology.

An illustrative image presenting Talking Medicines' AI + framework with a focus on its governance aspects. The image highlights the systematic and regulated processes implemented within our framework to ensure responsible and ethical use of artificial intelligence. It depicts the key elements of governance, including data privacy, transparency, fairness, and accountability, which form the foundation of our AI + framework.

Talking Medicines’ Artificial Intelligence Plus Framework. ©Talking Medicines 2023

The founding values of Talking Medicines: innovation, community, quality and transparency, are deeply rooted into the DNA of this framework, addressing decision-making, big and small. The founding principles provide validation from the outset of whether rolling out new capabilities is aligned to the company mission and vision. We can then further support decisions through other tailored validation points including, but not limited to ethics, governance and compliance, to find the ‘right’ approach that instils confidence from an ethical, trustworthy and commercial standpoint (both internally and externally).

To become thought leaders in Artificial Intelligence+ efficacy, we recognise the importance of external involvement and validation. Whilst we currently do this through our advisors and governance vehicles such as our subcommittees, we strongly encourage anyone to get involved.

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